about an organized life

An Organized LIFE

The Big Picture

Why can't things be simpler?  With SO much going on in each of our lives, there barely seems to be time to enjoy it. And that's not right.  Not at all.  An Organized Life will alleviate the clutter - whether it be in your home, your office, or even in your mind and heart.  This creates more time for you to ENJOY life.  

Leslie Haber brings her advanced skills and experience to help you take control over the pressures of time management, cluttered spaces, and too much STUFF.

Imagine how good you will feel knowing where everything is, being on time, not losing things, and knowing that every single item you own or care for has a place, a use, and brings you joy (or is at least practical and helpful to your daily life!).

Sometimes we need more than color-coded files, plastic bins and sock separators.  At An Organized Life, we have more to offer than that...


The Details

Space Clearing

How many items of clothes are collecting dust in your closet? Has paper (files, mail, bills, work) become unmanageable? What about the garage...can you park your car in it?  

From a closet purge to a whole house overhaul, 

An Organized Life will help you clear the clutter and give you a fresh start.  

Time Management

You may wonder how the time flies by...and seemingly, nothing you want to do gets done.  We can help you understand your wants and needs in this area, and create personalized systems based on what you need in order to maximize the precious time you have.  If you are ready for

An Organized Life, we're just a call or a click away.

Information & Resources

Do you want to Sell it?  Donate it?  Appraise it?  Recycle, Reupholster, Repaint or Up-cycle it? Maybe you'd just like to speak with a specialist to help you overcome a personal obstacle or challenge.

An Organized Life can provide you with the information you need to get things done.  Vetting done on your behalf.  No hassles. Just valuable information and resources for you.  Want to learn Japanese? Or just how to use your iPhone and computer?  Let us turn you on to who and what we know.  Wow - what a time saver.

Your Goals, Plans & Dreams

All attainable.  If you can imagine it, we can work together to create it with you.  Do you want to reach a financial goal? Improving your health?  Or maybe it's bigger than just that...maybe you are ready to deal with and conquer issues that are keeping you from being your highest self?   It's time to take the first steps toward that project or passion.   

An Organized Life will create personalized systems that you will control.  We will teach you what you need to know, and support you in your efforts.  We have the tools, the experience, and the knowledge.  We will work with you toward those goals...and we will celebrate your victories, as you finally achieve what you may have previously feared as impossible.