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​Leslie Haber, Organizational Therapist ®
Professional Organizer & CEO, An Organized Life
President, NAPO Los Angeles

Leslie Haber has been a professional organizer since 1993 and an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) since 2007.  The Los Angeles Chapter elected Leslie to serve on the Board as the Director of Professional Development, where, for three board terms, she created and produced the chapter’s monthly meetings and worked with the NAPO Education Committee creating and producing seminars and training events.   

Over the years, she has also held the position of Associate Member Director & Director at Large.  She recently completed her 2nd term as President of the thriving chapter and is now the chapter's Immediate Past President. She is the proud recipient of the “Philanthropy Award” and the prestigious “Raising the Bar Award” presented to her by Peter Walsh at The 2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards.  She is a member of the NAPO Virtual Chapter and is a member of NAPO’s elite Golden Circle.

Leslie brings her collective capabilities from past work to her present position as a professional organizer, notably her production work for large-scale special events, as well as serving in varied directorships at some of Los Angeles’ top hotels and venues.   Additionally, she has extensive executive-level administrative skills and experience.

While she had been professionally organizing since 1993, in 2002, Leslie formed her own company, An Organized Life, a professional organizing service dedicated not only to the elimination of clutter, but also bringing organization to all aspects of clients’ lives – their homes, work, families, and selves.    

She specializes in work with people who are chronically disorganized, in addition to working with those who have hoarding issues and/or attention deficit and OCD disorders.  Leslie offers practical assistance to her clients to help live more comfortable, safe, balanced and rewarding lives.  She teaches her clients organizational skills to manage their time and to stay focused.  She helps clients identify their short and long-term goals, and then works with them to eliminate obstacles in their path so they may progress to achieve those goals.  

Leslie volunteers a generous number of hours each year to individuals and families in need of creating order who otherwise could not afford the services.   A client’s’ psychologist coined Leslie the “Organizational Therapist®,” which she trademarked to further brand her unique and holistic approach to working with and coaching clients.  An Organized Life serves clients in Los Angeles, and New York City. 

She is a highly regarded speaker for private companies and non-profit groups, offering her extensive knowledge in the field of organization as well as in personal development and goal setting.  Leslie facilitates special workshops for the professionals, friends, and families of people with hoarding disorder, which was nominated for “Best Educational Resource” at The Los Angeles Organizing Awards – the organizing industry’s “Oscars.” 

Leslie also facilitates “Organizing for People with Too Much Stuff!” and other series workshops open to the public addressing organizing basics, time management, and paper control.  Advanced workshops include coaching, focusing on psychological obstacles that can be overcome in order to reach one’s goals.

An outspoken woman, Leslie is not only passionately involved in leadership within NAPO, but also contributes time to community issues and local politics.  As an active participant with the National Women’s Political Caucus, she has served as a campaign coordinator for past City Council elections and is an activist for the continued fight for civil and gay rights in California and the United States. 

​In 2009, she formed a neighborhood community group, which has gained rapid momentum and a strong voice in local government.  Her simple business model for this group is sought after as a viable model for other neighborhood communities.  Leslie enacts positive change in whatever projects she involves herself in, considering herself a “peaceful & positive activist for human rights.”

For fun, Leslie performs as a voiceover artist for film, television, and radio and performs stand-up comedy.  She is an amateur artist, photographer, and promoter of the arts. 


After a client’s’ psychologist coined Leslie "The Organizational Therapist®,” she trademarked the term to further brand her unique and holistic approach to working with and coaching clients: Organizational Therapy®.

Organizational Therapy® involves a completely holistic approach to determining the roots of disorganization and takes into consideration one's environment, family (and/or household) dynamics, PTSD or other emotional issues along with a number of other factors. By acknowledging the basis of disorganization, clients can reach a better understanding of their behaviors and the core reasons behind (often) life-long habits that create stagnation, fear, confusion, apathy, and often depression.

Leslie's distinct and empathetic brand of healing involves cognitive behavior therapy, kinesthetic behavior exercises and positive reinforcement. She often works in tandem with clients' therapists to form a "team" to support her clients' goals and well-being.


Members are required to live and work by a strict Code of Ethics allowing their clients the most professional and caring experience.

For further information about NAPO, visit NAPOLA.org.  

An Organized LIFE

ABOUT leslie haber, the organizational therapist®

Professional Organizer & CEO, An Organized Life

Past Two Term President, NAPO Los Angeles
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  • Immediate Two Term Past President, NAPO Los Angeles
  • Golden Circle Member
  • Recipient, Raising the Bar Award, The Los Angeles Organizing Awards
  • Recipient, Philanthropy Award, The Los Angeles Organizing Awards
  • Nominee, Best Chronic Disorganization Expert, The Los Angeles Organizing Awards
  • Nominee, Most Valuable Educational Resource, The Los Angeles Organizing Awards
  • Committee Chair, Board of Directors Nominations; Past Director of Development, Past Director of Associate Membership; Past Board Member at Large, NAPO Los Angeles