An Organized LIFE

services & pricing


Leslie most frequently works with clients on a regular basis, (every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks, etc.), or as needed, based upon your individual needs. 

She often works on a "project" basis (just a day or by the project) and can follow up with maintenance by request.

Sessions are a normally a minimum of four hours (please note that special circumstances may allow flexibility with session hours). The regular hourly rate for services is $125.00, but frequently, project-based pricing may be applicable and is often less than the hourly rate.  Our initial consultation will determine pricing. If you feel you may qualify for special pricing, do not hesitate to inquire.  Leslie will discuss pricing with you during your initial consultation and is willing to work with you in meeting your needs.

Leslie generously donates over 100 hours annually to seniors, students, single parents, disabled clients, and clients in need. 


An initial assessment is provided at no charge (unless discussed in advance) to allow you and Leslie to meet and determine if you are the right fit for one another. At this meeting, she will take a look at the spaces involved and develop a plan and an estimate of hours required.


Travel Time

Depending on your location, a travel fee may be added to your sessions, but is usually not necessary.

Shopping & Errands

Any pre-determined shopping excursions will be priced in advance and upon client approval.

Off Site Research & Work

If any off site work is involved, it will be discussed in advance, and upon client approval.  Often the hourly rate for off site work is reduced from client's regular negotiated rate.



Professional Organizing & Coaching:

  • Clutter Elimination
  • Space Reorganization & Styling
  • Closets & All Residential Spaces
  • Downsizing & Relocation
  • Custom Filing Systems
  • Paperwork Solutions
  • Garages (we love love love garages!)
  • Glatt Kosher Kitchens & Pantries
  • Time Management & Scheduling
  • Students (of all ages)


Organizational Therapy®:

  • Chronic Disorganization
  • OCD & ADHD
  • Hoarding Issues
  • ​Moves
  • Transition & Downsizing Support

Organized Administration:

  • Residential Management & Household Notebooks
  • Corporate Management & Consulting
  • Productivity Assessment 
  • Non-Profit Management & Administration
  • 501c Research & Vetting
  • Estate Administration (

Organized Events (Event Production):

  • Fundraisers
  • Weddings (

Spreading The Word

  • Custom Workshops & Classes in all areas of organizing and attaining personal goals