An Organized Estate   is a specialized area of coordination and assistance regarding the planning of one's own estate, or for those handling the death of a loved one and the myriad of complications that can come up during this very sad time.  

Here are the services Leslie can offer:


Consultation and creation of your...

* Will

* Living Trust

* Certification of Living Trust

* Power of Attorney, General

* Power of Attorney for Healthcare

* Living Will

* Virtual Estate Documents

* Special Wishes Declaration

* Consultation & Instruction for remains


Consultation and execution of...

* The decedent's wishes and instructions

* Appraisal resources

* Distribution of personal property

* Sales & auctions coordination

* Administration of final paperwork &  accounts

* Mediator for family disputes

An Organized LIFE

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Owner Leslie Haber began offering estate services following the inordinate loss of many family members and loved ones.  Despite her grief, she realized that most of us are unfamiliar with the navigation through the pressing issues presented to them upon the loss of a loved one.  Unwittingly, she became an expert in the role of executor & fiduciary.  

Leslie knew she could use her experience and expertise to help others on this path, and create better piece of mind during these emotionally charged times.  Her expertise as a professional organizer adds to her abilities in carefully handling the most intricate of details.  And of course, complete confidentiality is the backbone of her stringent code of ethics.

In addition to assisting those responsible for the many duties put upon the survivors, she realized that pre-planning was key to making the job of the survivor easier and less stressful.  Working with lawyers and other estate experts, she developed a legal and definitive estate package that can be customized to any person or circumstance.

She works with lawyers and other fiduciaries in ensuring that pre-planning papers are complete and often acts as an executor for her clients' estates, preventing the oft-occurring quarrels and problems when family members act as executor as well as being a full or partial beneficiary.  She is also an expert mediator for families struggling to settle disputes.

She serves as a fiduciary/executor for many individuals (both living & passed on), and has carried out the desired instructions left by the decedent, allowing her clients time to grieve and heal. She handles the sale or auction of personal property, the closure (or relocation) of homes, and assists surviving family and friends while they are coping with the loss of a loved one.